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Nature’s Whimsy

Welcome to Nature’s Whimsy! You are invited to explore nature through a new perspective – one that offers a whimsical look at the beauty, intricacy, and dynamic colors found in the world around us. Studies of tropical flowers, spring leaves, seascapes, landscapes, sea fans, and sea shells are all explored in pen and ink and watercolor. Each detail is uniquely illustrated in bold, brilliant colors that celebrate the astonishing diversity and magnificence of nature.

Explore Nature’s Whimsy… and explore the beauty of nature. In the medium of pen and ink and water color Barb’s application to detail and use of brilliant color produces a lifelike yet whimsical look at nature’s beauty.

Barb sailed around the Caribbean for over twenty years and uses the marine environment and nature as her inspiration. Her art is a study in capturing nature’s display of intricate detail and vibrant color.

Barb now resides and works in Michigan City Indiana where she uses the beauty of nature, the lake and the sand dunes for her inspiration. She has exhibited her work in various venues in the Caribbean, Michigan City Indiana, and Michigan Harbor Country.

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