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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Sunday schedule: Holy Eucharist at 9:00am, Sunday School and breakfast at 10:00am. Thursday schedule: Holy Eucharist and Bible study at 9:00 am. Nursery available and handicap accessible. Father Tony Clavier

We are a downtown church in the heart of La Porte that is committed to the social and spiritual flourishing of our entire community. As Anglicans, we are inheritors of a great spiritual tradition within Christianity — a tradition that values beauty and the arts, deep engagement with the Scriptures, and holistic expressions of our faith that impact every aspect of our lives. We’re far from perfect and we are willing to admit that, but we are continually seeking to identify and turn from those things that hold us back from loving God and our neighbor to our fullest capacity. Along the way, we invite others to journey with us as we witness to the transforming love of Jesus.

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